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( OFFTIME ) Crowdfunding: App Package and the Premium Features in more Detail

Many people want to support us with a larger amount of money, but they would like to know what the the app package with the premium version does include and what the exact difference to the normal version is. To be honest: we have many cool specials – some public, some of them still secret – but we still haven’t decided yet what will be free and what will become a premium feature. However, we will give everyone who supports our crowdfunding campaign and thus makes the development possible in the first place, full access to all of these neat and helpful features.

Preliminary version (5,- Euro)

App package: all Premium functions + support (15,- or two for 25,- Euro)

(-OFFTIME-)-Edition11 (-OFFTIME-)-Edition2

You’ll get exclusive access to our app before it is officially launched. Fuel the beta phase with your own ideas and help us define and take the last steps in developing the app.

Get the Preliminary version here.

Gets you the preliminary version and version 1.0 plus personal support and access to every premium function that we develop together with you for a year.

Get the App package here.

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