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A Tech Day in the Park – Innovation and Mindfulness at Berlin Tech Open Air 2014

This year’s Tech Open Air in Berlin (#TOA14) brought together a wide variety of speakers and listeners around contemporary tech innovations and their impact on human well-being. Apart from classical hardware tech fields like 3D printing, topics like mindfulness, using one’s full potential be it in creativity or efficiency or the capacity to focus were at the center of attention.

And so one of the most prominent questions posed throughout the day was how innovative solutions and hacks can shape environments streamlined for creativity, excellence and well-being.

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5 Tips on How to Work Smarter Without Your Smartphone

Many health professionals recommend times where you disconnect. Productivity gurus advise you to ignore your ever beeping devices since ages already. Why? Because putting your device away pretty much means applying 95% of all productivity tips in one go. In fact, working without your device for a full day (like we promote right now with our „Mobile Free Mondays“ initiative) could result both in a boost for your productivity and a better well-being. That said, a weekly day off the grid comes as a real challenge: Can you still manage some hours without your phone? And how does it make you feel?

To make this challenge a little easier and to avoid any bad surprises, we recommend sticking with the following 5 things. If you have further tips, please let us know and we’ll extend this list.

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