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Public Beta Now Available!

In the last few weeks, we’ve been busy implementing changes and improving aspects of ( OFFTIME ) based on your valuable feedback. Thanks for being a part of it.  We’re now moving from Private Beta to Public Beta.

You can find the new version of ( OFFTIME ) in the Google Play Store by searching for ‘OFFTIME’ or simply clicking here. We want to ensure the best possible experience, so we’re keeping it exclusive with an invite code.

( OFFTIME ) enables you to unplug with ease, so you can find well-being and productivity in our hyperconnected world. We’re looking forward to hearing about your ( OFFTIME ) experience. If you have any thoughts, suggestions, or issues, please drop us a line at


Many little big fixes

  • Updated Block Screen: now available in full screen, includes information about the settings, and direct access to make calls.
  • More Nuanced Settings: turn soft blocking on or off, choose to send auto-replies to mobile numbers only, vibration settings for VIP contacts, and disable 3G and wifi.
  • Several bug fixes and performance improvements

Faster access

Faster access with our widget: You can start your commonly used ( OFFTIME ) profiles (e.g. 1 hour meeting or family settings until 8 am) straight from the home screen. Go to widgets, select ( OFFTIME ), and drag it to your home screen to set it up.

Identify your habits

HabitLab: In partnership with Swisscom, we bring you the pilot phase of HabitLab. Through intuitive analytics, you can gain insights into your phone usage and learn about your habits. You can rest assured that all the data is encrypted and stays on your device.

2014 _ OT _ Offtime _ Habitlab


We’re slowly opening our Beta Phase, and will officially launch soon – making OFFTIME available to everyone. Until the big day arrives, we’re going to be working hard to make sure ( OFFTIME ) is the best it can be. You can look forward to…

  • a whole new UI and UX
  • start OFFTIME via your hardware buttons
  • get tips and recommendations based on your habits

Best wishes from Berlin,

alex & the ( OFFTIME )-Team