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Relax at home

With ( OFFTIME ) you’re fully with the people you care about – without the feeling of missing out – thanks to our auto-replies and your personal event protocol.

Focus at Work

( OFFTIME ) helps you to focus and to unplug to be creative – thanks to smart app blocking, communications filter and insights into your smartphone usage.

Best Apps of 2014 (Google)

“It’s what a paid assistant would do for you.”

“Now, I have more time for important things!”

( OFFTIME ) lets you focus and find digital balance in a hyperconnected world.
We have already created more than 2134 years of undistracted time.
More than 72456 minutes each day.


( OFFTIME ) lets you control your connectivity, you can do what really matters.


Unplug and focus on your work.


Be with the people you care about.

My time

Or simply enjoy some peace of mind.

You decide what’s important!

1.- Get to know yourself

We provide you with intuitive analytics of your phone usage, enabling you to identify your habits. Learn what you’re doing, when you’re doing it, and how long for.

2.- Improve self-control

Set hurdles, reminders or restrict access to any apps that you find distracting. Instead of pointless procrastination, get involved with what’s right in front of you.

3.- Tame the chaos

For a chosen period, block calls, texts and notifications that might disturb you. Select the people who can still get through, and we’ll make sure you don’t miss a thing (Android only).

4.- Invite others to a shared Offtime.

Invite others to pay attention to what is and those who are important to us. Invite your partner for a shared evening together, kids and family for dinner time, colleagues during a meeting, or the whole school class for focused homework (without FOMO).

Welcome to the age of hyperconnectivity

With the mobile revolution things dramatically changed. We have changed. Some might say there’s nothing we can do about it.

We say: It’s time we get back into control.

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